An open letter to Vitae Fans and Customers from Vitae owner, Kelly Nicholas

Hello everyone!

I’m writing today because I have some important news.

Some of you might know that I suffer from multiple chronic illnesses, as well as a back injury. I’ve been struggling with these things for a long time, and have reached a conclusion that it’s time to make some decisions to improve my health, and general well-being.

For the last year Vitae has been struggling with delays and plagued with problems out of our control. After taking this recent small reservation of large sizes, it has become apparent that those delays will continue no matter what we do, and that Vitae will remain a financial burden because of this.

I have decided after much careful thought and heartfelt consideration to put Vitae Clothing on a permanent hiatus from as soon as we are finished with our current stock levels and orders. If after a length of time has passed we are in a position to resume production, we may or may not choose to do so.

We will complete all orders and reservations, and use whatever remaining stock we have up, which would be made available for sale to you to purchase ready-made.

We will make a very, very small reservation of Small and Medium sizes available for Eeveelution (since that’s only fair) but – any participants would need to be aware that we may again experience lengthy delays with getting your garment to you due to fabric manufacturing delays.) As always, no matter what we will make sure we fill your order no matter how long it takes.

If you would like to reserve a small or medium size skirt or JSK from The Eeveelution of Lolita Range, please reserve via our website, the reservation will be open from tomorrow, 11/10/13 til either sold out, or the 1st of November, whichever is soonest.
It will be deposit only, and full payment will be required before shipping for those who order, regardless of length of time waiting. Shipping will be charged in the second payment, and deposits are 50%, not refundable.
This will be the last chance to purchase any Eeveelution products for the foreseeable future.

If you have any questions about what is happening right now with Vitae, please email us at and we’ll do our best to answer your queries.

Thank you for your awesome support everyone, and we really hope sometime in the future we can make a comeback with something fun and amazing! ❤

Edit: To purchase as part of the reserve, please visit our webstore here:


Welcome to Vitae Clothing’s Website!

Thank you for stopping by! Below is the latest news update for Vitae Clothing. if you have any questions or comments, please stop by the “Contact Us” section of the site 🙂

Latest News:

The new Print Range has now been announced, as of 3/09/2013!

We hope to begin having ready-to-ship garments for sale within 6 weeks from now and hope you will look forward to it! Please see our Gallery section for more photographs.

The Eeveelution of Lolita by Tahlia Denae and Vitae

The Eeveelution of Lolita by Tahlia Denae and Vitae

GoodNewsEveryone Farnsworth

Good News Everyone !


At last, an update! And progress has been had!

We’re finally back at the machine and manufacture has begun again~

We’re anticipating now that we’re able to sew again that we’ll have overdue Katamari and MLP orders sorted out within a week from now;
Following that we should hope to have the replacement Mario series finished the week after.

We are still waiting on Guro-chan fabrics from the printers, however we’re assured it shouldn’t be longer than two weeks from now, so we hope within three weeks we can have your overdue garments out to you! I’llupdate the schedule as it progresses to let you all know when each order type is finished and ready to ship.

And then, THEN we can start on manufacturing the amazing new range, which we hope to release at AVCon this year in July, where we will be participating in a store called Dolita, which showcases only Australian Lolita designers work!

We’ll be launching the webpage really soon, so please keep an eye out, it will feature other amazing Aussie brands such asWe’re All Mad HereSucre NoirPetticoats & Gallantry andVictoria’s Kingdom~!


The returned sizes of Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom are now available on the webs tore1
For the time being, only size 6-8 is available.
Please see the link below to purchase, while stocks last.


So Vitae has had a pretty hard year this year so far!

We’ve ground to a stop production wise this week for a few reasons, but things are beginning to look up, at last.

Here’s some updates on where we’re at right now:

1. We’re unable to sew this week because we are preparing to MOVE PREMISES!
That’s right! We’re finally going to be sharing a storefront of our own with Miss Moira’s Costumes, there will be displays for Vitae and Heaven’s Forge as well.
We’re finalising the paperwork over the next two weeks and will hopefully be moved in by the end of the month.
We’re still going to be sewing but have to prepare a temporary space at home which will take a few days, then we’re right back to work finishing up your orders and replacement Mario garments- thank you for your patience!

2. Assuming the move goes to plan, once moved in we will begin production of our next print release, which will be available “ready to post”! there will be limited amounts available of this next print- 20 only in two colourways, with a ratio of 6JSK/4SKT split between the two colours.
We can’t wait to announce it and show you pictures, we know you’re going to LOVE it!

Thank you for sticking by us, fans, growing as a company has certainly had some serious teething pains but I think we’re finally reaching the light at the end of the tunnel!


Hi Customers!

Our head designer, Kelly, has suffered some semi-serious health setbacks this month, and it’s slowed us down a great deal. It’s nothing life threatening and it will get better- however;

Unfortunately it’s not over! So we’re working out ways to get around it right now, and won’t be taking on made-to-order items again until all current made-to-order items are finished; since our production has slowed down so much and cannot actually speed up again to normal for another two weeks at least.

For those of you still waiting, thank you for your patience, we’re doing our best and will have your items out to you as soon as we can. This year has been one set back after another for Vitae and we’re very grateful for your continued likes and support.

All the loves from the Vitae team ❤


Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom’s Orders are finished at last! every single order will now be on its way to you, so please let us know when you get yours!

There’s been a delay with Guro-Chan’s Fabrics, we’re waiting on the Fabric Manufacturer to get back to us with more news, hopefully we hear from them soon! Thank you for waiting.

Remaining Katamari Sweets Kingdom Orders should be finished this week, and we’ll have emails out to everyone as soon as they are.

New Lifelike Animal bags will be coming soon too, so please look forward to it! No more bats for the time being sadly, but we’re working on it.